Wedding planning to do list

The end of year holiday season always sees an increase in marriage proposals. If you are starting the year as a newly engaged, congratulations! We hope you have a fantastic, relatively stress free time planning one of the most exciting day of your life. We have put some tips together to help you with your wedding planning.

Plan your budget – depending on your circumstances, you might have a huge budget available for your wedding, or a more modest one. But in either case, it is important to budget accordingly to keep everything under control.

Book the venue as soon as possible – the most popular wedding venues are booked well in advance and if you have your mind set on a venue, book it quickly. Remember you will have to pay a deposit so you will need to have the money available. Always check when the other payments are due so you can plan ahead and pay on time. Have a list of your requirements with you when you visit the venue and ask as many questions as possible when meeting with the wedding coordinator. This is to make sure that there is no last minute disappointments or misunderstandings.

Get a mood board ready – so you can visualize the wedding better. It will make it easy to explain what you want and to put all the wedding decorations together. This is very helpful to help choose the flowers and the table arrangements for example. And this will help decide what cake you want too. Sometimes what we have in mind can slightly change depending on the cost and the availability, so it is a good way to keep all your ideas together.

Delegate to your best friend or bridesmaid – you can’t think about everything and it is a good idea to delegate to your best friend or bridesmaid. Ask them to source the catering company, the flowers, wedding invitations…You will have the last say but this will free up some valuable time.

Find your perfect wedding dress – WeddingDzine has a wide range of affordable wedding dresses to suit your budget. We stock most styles and shapes and we are sure that you will find the wedding gown of your dream here. You can book your wedding dress fitting online, for your convenience and our team of wedding experts will be on hand to help you choose your wedding dress.

Make sure that you don’t forget the paperwork – dealing with paperwork can be draining and frustrating so make sure that you get all the forms required on time so there is no last minute surprises. Especially if you are marring someone from another country. You might need to go for an interview with Home Affairs and get some forms from abroad, which always takes longer than anticipated.

Remember to book your favourite hairdresser and beauty therapist too…A good hairdresser might ask you to come and try a few styles so book it well in advance so there is no rush in choosing your perfect hair style. Same applies to your therapist, especially if you require special treatments before the big day.

Or book a good wedding planner to help you with planning the day – this could be the best solution if you are planning a big wedding. Leave it to the professionals to organize it.  They can also help with booking your honeymoon and share their experience and tips.

Whatever you decide, we are sure that your wedding day is going to be a fantastic one. So enjoy the preparation and book your wedding dress fitting today!