Wedding planning challenges…and how to solve them

Planning a wedding is indeed a challenging time to say the least. And it can be a lonely time when faced with too many challenges. But don’t worry, this feeling is experienced by most brides-to-be. Here are some of the challenges and how to overcome them.

Your bridesmaids are not supporting you: You were best friends before the wedding but now every decision you take is met with disapproval. Although this is your wedding and your choices, it is nice to feel supported and guided. Best is to have an honest conversation with them and explain how you feel. That the reason you chose them is because you trusted them and you wanted them to be part of the planning. A good honest conversation can often solve many underlying issues. Just tell them you need their support and that you will do the same come their wedding day.

What your mum wants versus what you want: your mum wants your day to be special and this is completely normal. But sometimes, ideas of the perfect wedding can differ. Same as with your lovely bridesmaids, be honest and clear from the start. It is your special day and you need to be comfortable with the planning. Still there is nothing wrong in giving in a couple of your mum’s suggestions either. Sometimes compromises are best.

How pays what and when? This one is surely one of the trickiest, especially if you are not comfortable with talking about money. Wedding can be expensive and both parties might not be able to afford all the expenses. Before going ahead with booking the venue and the catering, have an honest discussion with your parents and your future in-laws. See what they can afford and make it work. It will save a lot of stress, and will make the planning run smoothly. Agree on payments deadlines and keep everybody informed.

The guest list is becoming longer and longer…You and your fiancé have your guest list ready but both parents are keeping on adding guests? Especially if they want to invite their best friends, colleagues or business partners. It is difficult to say no as this is also their day and they want to celebrate with people who are close to them. One way to manage the list is to actually point out the cost involved in inviting all those extra-guests. If money is not an issue, maybe negotiate and ask for only people that you know or might have met before.

But there is one challenge that will be solved very quickly…the wedding dress one. Trust Anita and her team to help you choose your best wedding dress.