Wedding Dzine Wedding Planning Checklist – 6 months before the wedding

Time flies and although 6 months can seem a long time, it will go very quickly as you will get busier with all the wedding preparations. Here is our suggested wedding planning list, 6 months before the wedding…

Register for gifts: register with your preferred wedding gift store, making sure that the gifts are affordable to your guests and that there is enough choice. Allow two to three gifts per guest so they will enjoy choosing the best wedding gift. You can also check that the process is easy and that they won’t have any problem ordering and paying for it.

Now you have chosen your wedding dress, you can focus on choosing your bridesmaids, flower girls and page boys’ outfits. They might need to be resized or touched up so allowing 6 months before the big day will avoid any stress. It also gives enough time for people to make themselves available for the fittings. If you have sent or are sending a save the date invitation, you can hint what the dress code will be so that your guests have enough time to find their perfect wedding outfit.

Finalize the guest list and make sure that you have all the necessary contact details to send the invitations.

Book your marriage officer: you can select 2 or 3 officers and meet them to see which one fits within your wedding plans. They play a very important part in the wedding celebrations so you also need to make sure that they have a plan B in case they are not able to make it to the ceremony. It doesn’t happen that often but for reassurance, you can ask them if they would have a replacement available.

Book both your honeymoon and wedding night accommodation: if you can afford to do it 6 months before the wedding, do it so it is something less to worry about. Same as spending time choosing your jewelry, and other wedding accessories. Once you have bought them, you can tick this task off the list and focus on the small details.

Buy your wedding rings, especially if they are custom made. If you are planning to purchase a wedding ring with diamonds, see if the jewelers would give you a discount for paying upfront. They are sometimes able to offer good deals on diamonds and gold.

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