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What to consider when choosing your wedding dress
October 25, 2016

Queen for a day – Purchase a dress or hire a dress?

Queen for a day – Purchase a dress or hire a dress?

Organizing a wedding can be stressful, for the bride and the groom, but also for anybody helping them. And this applies to a grand ceremony with a lot of guests, or a more intimate one, in your garden or in the bush. Food and drinks put aside, the important purchase that you will have to make is your wedding dress. Some might argue that it is not worth the expense as it is only worn once on the day…Some other think a wedding dress will be treasured for a very long time, and often passed onto someone special like a daughter or a niece.

Choosing a wedding dress should not be left to the last minute. It is important to select a few models (at least 4 or 5) and to try them with an open mind. The owner of a wedding dress shop will know how to advise you on the best size and model to suit your figure and your style. Ultimately, this will be your decision but it is always good to listen to her advice. Then once your dress has been chosen, you can move on to choosing the best accessories, shoes and jewelry to wear on your big day. Always remember that although you will certainly be the most beautiful bride ever, you need to enjoy you day, and be comfortable and happy with what you are wearing.

If you decide that owning a wedding dress is not a priority, and that you would rather own one just for one day, then check if the wedding shop has your dream wedding dress available for hire. Wedding Dzine offers this service to future brides. It is convenient, and hassle-free.  There is a deposit to pay for the dress which is returned to you once the dress is back in the shop. You collect the dress the day before the wedding, and return it the day after. They have a great choice of wedding dresses available for hire, in different sizes.

Get in touch with Anita today to purchase or hire your dream wedding dress with Wedding Dzine.

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