2017 Wedding Trends

Are you looking for some inspiration to help planning your wedding?

Then have a look at the 2017 wedding trends in the UK and see if they can work for you…

Street food to keep your guests fed throughout the day

Street food is making an appearance at weddings. Less complicated than a traditional wedding banquet, the variety of dishes can also appeal to fussy eaters. This is a more laid back food option and will be great for a garden wedding or even a wedding on a budget.

New cake trends…if you are looking to move away from the traditional wedding cake

The cutting of wedding cake is an important part of the wedding celebration and the occasion for a romantic picture. But if you are looking for something different, get creative and find the best baker to execute it. Apparently using foliage instead of flowers is very trendy… and why not add a couple of savoury cakes and even gluten-free desserts? For an impact, a dessert counter with colourful macaroons, cupcakes and sweets can just be the solution.

Flowers…Impress your guests with jaw dropping flower arrangements

The new trend is to allocate a bigger budget to flowers to make sure that your guests are impressed. See if you can find less traditional flowers and use more greenery and trees. Why not talking to you favourite flower shop to see if they can source unusual flowers that can make a big difference on your table setting…It is all about giving your guests something to remember. And don’t forget the bouquet. It is the opportunity to be extravagant and let your imagination create your bespoke wedding bouquet.

This latest trend might be the hardest to take on: let your bridesmaids be themselves…

You can still give them an indication on the palette of colours to choose from, and if they need to choose a casual or formal outfit, but let them choose what they want to wear on the day. Of course, they still need to follow your budget constraints, but they also know you so trust their taste. And don’t worry, they won’t upstage you…

#your wedding????

Be prepared to have your big day broadcasted on social media: Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. You can, of course, ask your guests to refrain from posting too much and keep some privacy. But this is also the chance to see your wedding from your guests’ perpective. So why not establish ground rules at the beginning of the ceremony and let your guests share this special moment on social media. You can set up a personalized hashtag so you will be able to keep track of the posts.

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